Milano Dispensers S.p.a. considers environmental protection as an integral and strategic part of its business. It actually considers the environmental sustainability of its processes and sites to be essential. In order to ensure this commitment, it adheres to the following principles:


Milano Dispensers S.p.a. is committed to ensuring full compliance with regulations in force in relation to environmental protection and pollution prevention.


Milano Dispensers S.p.a. by adopting procedures and the best technologies available at sustainable costs minimises the environmental risk relating to its activities, in order to prevent pollution and guarantee a prompt response to emergencies, so as to protect its own employees, property and the surrounding environment.


Milano Dispensers S.p.a. communicates its commitment to environmental protection to its employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. It also establishes objectives for environmental performance, guaranteeing the necessary resources to achieve them.


Milano Dispensers S.p.a. is committed to researching continuous opportunities for improving its environmental performance, regularly reporting upon its progress to the stakeholders.

The Environmental Policy will be disseminated at all levels of the Company in order to raise awareness of all personnel so that each individual performs their assigned duties effectively and efficiently in compliance with Management directives.


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